Terms and Conditions

Owl Spot Terms and Conditions

Please click here for a print-friendly version of this document, initial each page, sign in full on last page and email to info@owlspot.co.za.

Guests to ensure that they have read and signed the terms & conditions before arrival at Owl Spot.

  1. Rates: 
    All of Owl Spot Cottages’ rates are quoted in South African Rand.
  2. Cancellations:
    All cancellations must be received in writing a minimum of 4 weeks prior to arrival at Owl Spot. Cancellations will be confirmed to you in writing. 
    Cancellation: 4 weeks prior to arrival 25% of full amount, 3 weeks prior to arrival 50%, 2 weeks prior to arrival 75%, 1 week prior to arrival 100%, will be deducted from the guests booking payment.
  3. Once a guest has checked in or has partaken in their safari activity at Owl Spot there is no refund of booking fees whatsoever to guests or their agents or tour operators who made the booking.
  4. Changing a Booking: 
    If you wish to change to an alternate date and your booking has already been confirmed, you may do so subject to availability.
  5. Conditions: 
    All reservations are made on the express condition that Owl Spot and its staff and agents shall not be responsible for and shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any loss, damage or accident, delay or inconvenience to any person, or his luggage or other property.

    The guest/s undertakes and agrees that he will at all times comply with Owl Spot requirements with regard to their conduct and will not in any way constitute a nuisance to other persons / guests.

  6. Responsibilities 
    The Owl Spot Cottages accept no liability for any injury, loss, accident delay or any other irregularity howsoever occasioned.
  7. General House Rules
    1. Owl Spot is situated within the Dinokeng Nature Reserve and therefore no pets are allowed.
    2. You are not allowed to feed the wild animals.
    3. Please respect the wildlife all wild animals can be extremely dangerous.
    4. Guests are not allowed to catch or shoot any wild animal or bird as Dinokeng is a wildlife conservancy and offenders will be fined and or imprisoned if caught.
    5. The Cottages are 100% no smoking areas, please smoke in the designated areas only. (Please ask the Managment or staff where you are permitted to smoke).
    6. Fires are only permitted where facilities are available.
    7. Fires to be extinguished once used.
    8. Fire wood may not be collected from the natural bush.
    9. Please adhere to the speed limits on the roads speeding kills animals. 
      (There are speed traps set up within the park)
    10. Please do not litter all garbage to be put in bins provided.
    11. Please do not leave any water in the guests bathrooms running.
    12. Please consider other people, you are in the bush to enjoy the peace and quiet no excessive noise allowed after 22h00.
    13. Do not flush any foreign matter down the toilets as the Owl Spot use french drains that can be blocked by foreign objects.
    14. Guests will be held liable for any willful damage to any property of Owl Spot  replacement and / or repair cost will be for the account of the guest/ guests.


Spiders, Snakes and Scorpions:

  • These dreaded creatures are part of our environment but will most probably not harm you if not threatened.

Lions, Leopards & Hyenas:

  • Please DO NOT walk around at night, as there are Lions, Leopards & Hyenas close to the game lodge.
  • Please DO NOT walk away from the perimeter during the day as there are Lions, Leopards & Hyenas close by.

Monkeys and Baboons:

  • Monkeys and baboons are very cute and can be entertaining for young and old, but please do not feed them. Remember that by feeding them, you are signing their death warrant, as they become aggressive. By feeding these animals you do not only aggravate the situation but you also make these animals lazy and they become dependant on this food supply. Before going out in the morning in search of animals please make sure that you have put all foodstuffs securely away. Remember that these monkeys and baboons have learnt to open up fridge doors and cupboards. Please ensure that all doors and windows are closed and locked to ensure food and belongings are safe while you are not at the Game Lodge.

Bats and Insects:

  • Light draws many flying insects and with these insects come their predators. These predators could take on the form of bats and frogs. Please remember to keep your doors and windows closed at night, as this will prevent these unwanted creatures from entering your room.


  • Dinokeng is situated in a Malaria free area.

Please click here for a print-friendly version of this document, initial each page, sign in full on last page and email to info@owlspot.co.za.